How to Order – Stamped with Love

How to Order

If you navigate to the shop you'll find some pre-made items under different sections, i.e. gifts for girls, wedding and anniversary gifts or keyrings.  These are all designs that I have made in the past and can be updated to suit you, you just need to pop a note in the box labelled "I want you to stamp the following text...".  You can change none, some or all of the text, the choice is totally up to you but I need you to confirm as if you write text in the box I will replace what is currently written with what you've asked for.  Some pieces I can stamp both sides, some I can't but I will message you if I'm not able to do what you want and will be able to suggest other options.

You can also use this box to let me know if you want any specific detail.  I have lots of different fonts and design stamps that you can choose to personalise your design.  How your piece comes out is totally up to you, you can be as specific as you want or you can leave it up to me.  If you would like some stars doted around or you don't like lots of colour then just let me know :)

Same with the fonts, if you prefer a certain font then you can choose these from the "The Font I like is..." drop down menu.  Sometimes I can only use a particular font because of the style of the piece or because of the metal I am stamping but I'll always let you know if there is anything I can't do.

Some of the available fonts are as follows:

These fonts are not to scale and range from 3mm to 6mm so sometimes they won't fit on a make that you choose, I will contact you to let you know if this happens and you can choose another font design.  

If nothing takes your fancy then you can go to the Blanks section and choose a shape and tell me exactly what you want.  Still not sure then press the Message Us button in the bottom right corner and we can have a chat about something perfect for you.

Don't forget to check out the Add Ons section to make your piece super unique with charms, tags and different style split rings.  I update this all the time so keep checking back to see if there is something you like, if not then message me and I can see what I can do.