About Stamped with Love

Stamped with Love was launched in April 2015, and it started out of a desire to be creative. I never considered myself to be an artist, but thought the idea of imprinting metal for jewellery would be different. It is definitely a skill that took a lot of practice! I've got a big box on my desk called the 'F*ck It Box' which contains a vast amount of attempted makes, but my first piece still hangs on my bag as a reminder of how far I’ve come.

I posted a picture of this on Facebook, and a few friends asked me to make them one. Maybe I was alright at this metal stamping stuff, so I started selling unique metal jewellery, key rings and other fantastic items. First, I just sold though my Facebook page, and then in 2016 I launched an Etsy shop. I launched this website following the successes of those pages. Since it went live on the 1st Jan 2017 it has grown greatly and is now my main portal for purchases.

In addition to my independent work, I've collaborated with some other fab small businesses including on this gorgeous necklace using a super realistic clay chocolate.

I've also made some pieces to add to other makers’ pieces and love helping to make a perfect piece for a customer.  If you fancy collaborating with me, drop me a message!  I'm also keen to work with stockists so if you would like to have some of my items in your shop please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Where will this journey lead to next? I'm trying to persuade Mr SwL to build me a studio in the garden so I can hide from the Mini ones ;)  I'm also branching into new mediums so watch this space for new products. Sign up to my newsletter for special previews and discounts!