The wonders of a new website

Hello SwL Fans and how are we on this rather muggy afternoon?

At the beginning of May I decided to move my website to a new platform and its proving to be a little more challenging than first expected whilst I try and customise everything.  You see you have to download Apps that allow you to add things to your shop (unless you want to code them yourself, I'm quite IT savvy but not that savvy).  They are fab and allow me to make your life easier when ordering but unfortunately they are not showing me the information I need to complete orders.

But I am working on it, I have paid some tech bods to sort out the little problems and hopefully everything will be sorted by tomorrow.  Its amazing how many people out there are available to sort things for you.  I have been using the website Fiverr ( which allows you to use the skills of someone else for a small fee meaning I don't have to shell out lots of pennies when I am able to do the majority of things on my own.  I've also recommended the site to some friends whose teenagers, aka scrounging layabouts, are quite clever at this sort of thing suggesting they put their hours on the PC to some use.

Okey dokey, so I'm off to the studio now leaving Mr SwL entertaining Mini SwL who is currently filling his aeroplane with his crayons...  Sometimes it is nice to have a seperate studio.

Catch you all later, much love xx

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