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I must blog more...

I think everyone who starts a blog has a moment where they say they must blog more, they check their last post and it was months ago and so much has happened that they don't know where to start.  I'm in that predicament now and so I think it might be easier to just give you a quick run down of the last 6 months since my last blog post...

  • Had as baby, Mini SwL 2, a little girl 👶

That was quick 😹

OK so that's not all that's happened, and it makes me seem like that's all that matters to me but it's a pretty big part of my life.  The first few weeks were hell, whilst the birth was actually not too bad, she had a tongue tie that was luckily snipped by the amazing guys at my local hospital.  She has silent reflux which meant if she wasn't sleeping she screamed which was so hard for all of us.  We're 5 months on finally getting the hang of having a baby in the house again, whilst my lead times on orders is still 1 - 2 weeks it's just to give me that buffer so I don't stress myself out.  

Mini SwL1 is off to school in September and he is so excited, the joy on his face is just so infectious.  He is so excited to do Maths, English and especially Science - I was a huge fan of Science at school so I hope to pass this onto him.  I cannot wait to do the obligatory first day of school shot at the front door, I must get Mr SwL to paint it before then 😉  I always thought those moments were so cheesy but when we missed his "graduation" from nursery I was actually really gutted, I didn't expect to feel like that when I saw all my friends posting pics of their mini ones.  I vow to make the most of these moment now, it wasn't until Mini SwL2 arrived did I realise how grown up and big Mini SwL1 has gotten and I need to make sure I document his journey.

I am hoping to blog every week from now on, some about me and the family, some about new products and I've also been thinking about doing some tutorials.

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