A very warm week

Hey there, 

Well what a week it has been, the weather has been glorious and whilst this is fab it is not very helpful when I have orders to complete :(  The studio becomes a mini oven as we are in an upstairs office in an old building, when you walk in its like that feeling when you get off the plane in a hot country.  Its meant that I've not been able to work as much as I normally would which I didn't expect, in the time it would normally take me to complete 10-15 orders I was only managing 3-4.  I was literally melting!  Unfortunately this has meant that dispatch times have been slightly longer than I would like and I really hope I've not upset anyone with the late deliveries.

Thought I do hope you guys have been enjoying it and getting out and about, to celebrate the wonderful weather I am running a #fiverfriday deal today on my trainer tags :)


These are usually £8/pair but for just today they are £5/pair, click here if you'd like to order a pair.  They can be personalised with your own text and then keep them for yourself or gift them to a friend.

Here's to a little more sunshine but maybe only in the mornings ;)  Until next time lovely people

Emma xx

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